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Unlock new opportunities with our advanced QR code and NFC solutions tailored for your business needs.

Key Features


Digital Menu Cards

Create interactive digital menu cards that enhance customer experience and streamline your operations.


NFC & QR Visiting Cards

Combine the power of NFC and QR codes to create dynamic, shareable visiting cards that leave a lasting impression.


Business Bio QR Codes

Generate QR codes that link directly to your company’s bio, making it easier for clients to learn about your business.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“7iotec.com has revolutionized the way we manage our digital menus. The QR code generator is incredibly easy to use and has significantly improved our customer experience.”

Jane Doe

Restaurant Owner

“The QR code and NFC based visiting cards from 7iotec.com have made networking so much simpler. I can share my contact details instantly and effortlessly.”

John Smith

Marketing Consultant